Deer Hunting Checklist

You often hear from some skeptics that writing to-do lists are an unnecessary waste of time. That everything can be fit in your head. Moreover, suppose you are familiar with something. In that case, an experienced warrior will have no difficulty keeping everything under control, including what you need to bring with you on the hunt, for example. But it’s not a matter of perfectionism. It’s a question of taking the business you’re doing seriously. Focus and attention to detail, foresight, and forethought are critical characteristics of a skilled hunter. It’s not enough to know how to shoot a rifle or a bow, understand the types of bullets, or understand what kind of knife is better to use in camping conditions. Hunting is not only the process of tracking your prey. It is also a thorough preparation before going into the woods. And here you need to take into account everything. Starting with the car, which will be your indispensable companion Hercules, capable of carrying away all your trophies, ending with a means to silence the smell so that suddenly you do not turn from a hunter into a prey of a mountain lion. Man has been deducing these golden rules for centuries, shared by followers from generation to generation. On the shelves of modern stores, you can find everything you need by trivially following the list below.

Just imagine that on a beautiful cool morning, you wake up, silently go to the bathroom, quickly tidy yourself up, jump into your clothes, go to the kitchen, have a quick breakfast. Quickly swallowing the contents on your plate, you go outside, a cup in your hand with a clear haze floating over it. The smell of coffee gives you vigor and fills you with the determination that the day will be as successful and profitable as possible. You go into the garage and glance around your car with complete confidence that it has what you will need soon. You finish the last preparations, get in the car, start the engine, and are already rushing off on your little but exciting adventure. It’s great if you remember you’ve forgotten something close to home. And you have the opportunity to go back or stop by the specialty store. A natural disaster can happen if you’re already a few miles from home and find that you forgot your hunting license. To avoid such a situation is still better when you have a list on which you will check the boxes.

Deer Hunting Checklist

Here, it is also essential to understand that you should provide for the presence of the necessary items and prepare and clean weapons in advance, a hunting license, survey of the area, permission of the landowner, etc.

•              Hunting license.

•              Reconnaissance of the land.

•              Cleaning and checking your gun

•              A place to set up your gun

•              Get permission from the landowner

•              Know local hunting regulations

•              Fully charged batteries

•              Game camera.

•              Set up a tree stand or blind area

•              Odor reduction product

•              Ammunition

•              Flashlight/headlamp

•              Shotgun

•              Backpack

•              Gun case

•              Cleaning kit

•              Blindfolding device

•              Hunting clothes (camouflage or orange)

•              Deer alarm bell.

•              Warmers for hands and feet.

•              Odor-reducing spray

•              Rain jacket

•              Scent attractant

•              Hunting vest

•              Folding knife

•              Binoculars

•              Boots

•              First aid kit

•              Walkie-talkies / cell phone / GPS

•              Insect spray

•              Deer tags with the necktie

•              Permanent marker

•              Field carving knife

•              Field gloves

•              Field training kit

•              Deer drag rope or cart

Well, if you have thought of everything on the list beforehand, you can go to bed in anticipation of bright emotions. And we can only wish you a successful hunt!

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